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Welcome to Cotel Online
First there was nothing.... Then there was Llama-Links. Then there was nothing again...

<.....Until now.....>

COTEL is back online after a long absence! Since early October 2002, the world of COTEL has been quietly gaining momentum, but has been without it's much loved web-presence, which for a (very) short time, was mind-blowingly good.

So, what's new for COTEL in 2003? Well, not much. The llama's constitution will be created sometime, but for now, there's nothing really... Umm... Maybe next week we'll see something. You never know.

New members? There could be a few, but I really wouldn't know if they're dedicated enough to cope with the hard life of a COTEL member. As of today, the 23rd of February 2003, there's about 10 members, but one's quite short, so I guess that goes down to 9.5 members, and one's American, and we have lost contact with them, so I guess that means we have 8.5 members. WOO!
Cotel Site Updates
Tuesday 8 October 2002: Site Created
Sunday 23 February 2003: First actual content

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